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Are you ready for the final step before releasing your recording so you can release it out in the world?


Are you looking for punchy, clear, wide and present?


Maybe you want your intended lo-fi aesthetic preserved.


Or perhaps you'd just like your audiobook or podcast up to par with the industry standards.

I can deliver all of this and more, and with the proper specifications for nearly any intended medium. Get in touch for a quote.

Yes, I can master for vinyl! If your original mixes are not available, I can alter your already-existing master to make sure it is 100% vinyl-safe.


Have you recorded an album but need help mixing it?


Do your songs lack power, clarity, or energy?


Do certain instruments sound weak, jumbled together, or like they don't fit in the way you thought they would?


Do your songs need a sense of atmosphere, increased depth, heightened presence, or consistency in levels?

I've been mixing records "in the box" for even longer than I've been mastering them, using continuously refined skills combined with intuition. Reach out if you're interested in me working on your recording.

Mixing projects can be combined with production services.


Music Composition, Production, & Session Work

Are you a singer, game developer, online teacher, or podcast host who needs original theme music?
Are you an artist who is seeking to freshen up or makeover an album or song with professionally recorded live drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, electronics, or sound design/FX?
Are you interested in a unique remix or edit of your own production in a specific style?
Making original music is my first and oldest interest and passion. My skill set extends into both commercial avenues, and the furthest reaches of the experimental, progressive, challenging, and transcendent. From rock to metal to rap to new age to pop to jazz fusion to punk to minimal house to harsh noise- I've had my hands in it.
Please send me a message if you are interested in a creative hand or would like to hear some music I've made that may be similar to what you're looking for.

Audio & Video Post-Production

Are there intrusive incidental sounds getting in the way on your recording? Things like clicking, crackling, buzzing, rumbling, rustling, or distortion from clipped signals?
Is there too much reverberation or echo on your voice?
Is your interview, presentation, or YouTube broadcast fuzzy, dark, tinted, washed out, or just boring looking? 
Do you need someone to edit & master your audio-book or teaching course videos?
I've got the experience and gear to tackle all of these issues and  more. Contact me if you'd like a quote.
I also have my own unique style of creating music videos based in exploiting low quality stock animation, smart phone recordings, analog and digital glitching techniques, spastic movement, and psychedelic color schemes. It is not for everyone, but you can check out my work listed at the bottom of my full portfolio page.


Click here for a full portfolio & list of credits!

Or choose a song from the player below. My roles in each composition are notated (in parentheses).


Angel Marcloid

Hi, I'm Angel. I'm an indepedent music producer and mixing/mastering engineer living in Chicago, IL. I have over 30 years of experience in the world of music, audio, and video. My journey began in my single digits when I started learning from my father Kevin, an electronic technician, live sound engineer, and A/V specialist.


I spent my teens and 20s writing, recording, performing, producing, touring, circuit-bending, and continuing to rigorously educate myself in the world of audio. I eventually found myself producing, mixing, and mastering original music for clients on a professional level in 2017. As of 2019, I offer audio and video post-production services for podcasts, audiobooks, presentations, and more.

I now work almost every day in my home studio, where I can spend time with my 3 amazing cats, not have to eat out, and brew as much coffee as I want without spending $5 each time.


Although I adore giving projects my own creative slant, my aim is to provide a high quality product that satisfies expectations, meets all standards, and lives up to the client's vision and intention. Whether you run an educative interview podcast, need a beat to rap over, or have a psychedelic electro-industrial jazz-metal record you need mixed and mastered, I've got you covered!





"Angel is the audio engineer equivalent of a fine art conservator. Her treatment of an artist's work is done with the utmost judgement and taste. From the perspective of the artist, her mastering work is the difference between a dirty and damaged canvas containing a painting obscured by grime, and a clear, crisp, and fidelitous image which exists in the full range of color and texture that the artist envisioned. However, from the perspective of the listener, none of her work is salient, and thus does not obstruct or distract from the artist's communication of their vision. What exists instead is a more successfully realized version of the ideal piece."

-Clutter Goth (Experimental Electronic Music Producer)