© 2020 Angel Marcloid

Hello! My name is Angel, and I am at your service!


mix, master, and post-produce musical albums, audio books, podcasts, video presentations, and other types of of audio or video projects.

I also compose original music, and remix already-existing music.

Finally, I review other people's projects and provide technical feedback on what may be needed in the mixing, mastering, or post-production phases.

I've done work for...

  • Orange Milk Records

  • Shmu

  • Euglossine

  • Hausu Mountain

  • World War

  • RXM Reality

  • Tiger Village

  • Fire-Toolz

  • Nonlocal Forecast

  • Buddha At The Gas Pump

  • Geometric Lullaby

  • 猫 シ Corp.

  • w i n t e r q u i l t 愛が止ま

  • Nmesh

  • Equip

  • Chris Conde

  • Hanatasi

  • Rentboy

  • bioQuery

  • Otherm
  • 'MAGIN'

  • Whettman Chelmets


  • bl00dwave

  • Sparkling Wide Pressure

  • Lazy Magnet

  • & hundreds more!