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My name is Angel. I am an independent music producer and audio/video engineer, born in Prince Frederick, MD, and currently living in Chicago, IL. I have over 30 years of experience in the world of music, audio, and video. I was in my single digits when I begun learning from my father Kevin, an electronic technician, live sound engineer, and A/V specialist.

In the early 2010s, after spending most of my life focusing mainly on personal music compositions and live performance in various bands, I took the plunge into accepting commissioned projects for musical and audio/video-related labor while continuing to rigorously self-educate myself with any resource I could find. I was also running an independent record label out of my living room!

In the mid-2000s I started to become interested in electronics engineering. I spent a few years opening up children's toys, small keyboards, and guitar pedals, and altering their circuitry to create new instruments and new sounds. Near the end of the decade, I decided that this, as well as running a label, wasn't for me. I had been using computers more and more to produce music at that time, which demanded that I sharpen my mixing and mastering skills. In doing so, a deep passion rose to the surface!

I found myself mixing, mastering, and producing music for friends as a side job by 2015. I soon tried marketing my services to the public. My "business" continued to grow. So in 2017, I expanded beyond solely servicing record labels and other musical artists, and started helping both commercial and non-profit educational organizations with their YouTube videos, podcasts, advertisements, theme music, and more.


Now I am completely transitioned out of my "day job," and work almost every day in my home studio, where I can spend time with cats, not have to eat out, and can brew as much coffee as I want without spending $5 each time. I do really need to get an espresso machine in here soon...

Although I adore giving projects my own creative slant, my main professional aim is providing a high quality final product that satisfies expectations, meets all standards, and lives up to the client's vision and intention. Whether you run an educative interview podcast, need a beat to rap over, or have a psychedelic electro-industrial jazz-metal record you need mastered, I've got you covered. I've plenty of experience in all 3 of those worlds. :)