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Mastering (Music)

List does not include any mastering performed in Audio/Video Post-Production or Music Composition/Production/Remixing projects.

Music Videos

Audio/Video Post-Production

Spoken word or non-music projects.

Mixing (Music)

List does not include mixing performed in Audio/Video Post-Production projects.

  • Power Windoze - Rendezvous 

  • Fire-Toolz - Even The Files Won't Touch You

Music Composition/



  • Fire-Toolz - Interbeing (Bedlam Tapes, self-released) full album production

  • Fire-Toolz - MaxCorp Industries podcast commercial jingle

  • Fire-Toolz - Throat Coat (Bedlam Tapes) track remix

  • Fire-Toolz - Drip Mental (Hausu Mountain) full album production

  • Power Windoze - Rendezvous (Swamp Circle) full album production 

  • Fire-Toolz - Even The Files Won't Touch You (Depravity Label, self-released) full album production