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Audio mixing engineering

Mixing together different audio tracks (typically recordings of isolated voices and musical instruments) to create sonic balance and coherence among them by utilizing tools like digital audio workstations, equalization, compression, limiting, reverb, delay, stereo panning and imaging, spectral filtering, expansion and exciting, modulation, pitch or rhythm correction, and much, much more.

Audio mastering engineering

Performing the last steps required to prepare audio for broadcast or publishing. Making adjustments to single or multiple audio files that have already gone through the mixing stage. Utilizing equalization, compression, limiting, fades, overall level balancing, and creating a robust final product that lives up to standards and has the proper specifications for its intended format.

​Audio post-production

Precise cutting and splicing, mixing multiple sound sources, removing unwanted artifacts (noise, clicks, pops, static, reverberation, hum, buzz, echo, rumble), equalization, stereo imaging, special effects and modulation, sound design, and much more.


Video post-production

Precise cutting and splicing, smooth or stylish transitions, integrating multiple video sources into split screens or toggling between them, removing noise and artifacts, special effects and unique filters, common video adjustments such as brightness/sharpness/contrast/tint, aesthetically pleasing custom titles/captions/notation, and everything audio post-production involves.​

Music composition and production

Composing and recording music from the ground up, in my home studio, using physical and digital instruments, utilizing DAW and MIDI technology.