© 2020 Angel Marcloid

Angel you killed it with this master and I will be singing your praises to future potential clients. You really did a nice job. I can’t think of anything I’d change. Some of the songs I was not thinking much about anymore have a whole new life and I’m hearing all sorts of stuff. the more I listen and the more I compare with other music I love. I’m convinced you nailed it.

-Mike Meegan (RXM Reality)

I've done a couple preliminary listens and this feels like the difference between VHS and a theater screening!! I can already hear the depth of field you've applied to everything! This gave me rocket fuel for my performance last night!  Exclamation points!! I'm so excited! It sounds like you really understood this album. I kept saying that out loud during the first listen. Your gloss and shine was what made me want to work with you on this because of the way you bring clarity to chaotic calamity. Although my chaos is different, you were able to do extract the grit and glam like tragedy masks, widening the breadth of the emotional foundation. HOLY MOLY. Thanks for making my sappy album sound so BIG. As I said, I couldn't really hear it anymore after working on it for so long. It's wonderful. THAAAANKS


-Matt Palenske (Consumer)

These sound great! You really carved out the space & dimension for each part to shine. I'm very happy with the results.


-Matthew Austin (Cordite Tracker)

I'm very impressed. I mean, it still sounds like what I put together, but just this clarity there that wasn't before. I tend to mix things as one big mess sometimes, and this experience kinda opened my ear to what I can do in terms of separation and elements and all that. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET!?!?!


-Whettman Chelmets 

 It sounds amazing! We love it! Thanks you so much! We can’t wait to work with you more on our other tracks! Appreciate all the hard work you’ve done, soooo good!


-Kyle & Mia ('MAGIN')

Thank you, Angel. It honestly sounds phenomenal. Can really hear the shine and that air creating a space for the music to really come alive in. I’ve listened to this album a lot of times and I’ve never heard it sounding so good.

-Travis Findlay (Sleepsearch)

In March of 2019, we needed to find a new video post-production person as our previous volunteer was ready to retire. The very next day,  before we even had the chance to put the word out, Angel contacted us and offered to do video post-production. That, to me, indicates a deep attunement to the “field of intelligence” which is the central theme of BatGap and most spiritual traditions. 

From the outset, working with Angel has been easy and enjoyable. She understood what we wanted and accomplished it quickly. Within minutes, she solved a technical problem that had been stumping us for a couple of years, and in doing so significantly improved the audio quality of our videos. I quickly learned to trust her with editorial decisions. Angel has high quality standards and is diligent in meeting them.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Angel, and I look forward to a long and productive relationship.

-Rick Archer (Buddha At The Gas Pump)

Oh wow, this jam sounds like a proper record! How did that happen!! I appreciate what you did here.

My girlfriend's mum just listened to the fix of her harmonium playing + singing. She said she cried when she heard it!

-Blue Tapes

Yesssss. This is incredible...Damn. Thank you so much. I’m so glad this worked out, these videos are going to be an important part of the release! Wooooo!


-Alex Brinkman (Doc Broc)

Oh wow the high end finally sounds clear. and its so loud! U did some magic on this for real. The end bumps now. Damn wow, I'm sold on having other ppl master my stuff.


-Clutter Goth

Thanks so much! These both sound incredible! My jaw dropped the first time I heard those doubled up drums. I’ll definitely reach out again the next time i have tracks to release.


-Cole Sea